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Safety Wear

Safety at Dynasty Electrical Group

By prioritising safety, you can create a secure and healthy work environment that promotes productivity and success.

Our team is fully committed to providing outstanding safety performance and best safety practice.

All employees and sub-contractors are fully engaged in our safety systems and are made aware of their responsibilities through company and project inductions, toolbox meetings, Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and / or Job Safety and Environment Assessments (JSEA).

Safety audits/inspections are conducted at DEG'S workplaces and independent third-party audits of our Safety Management Systems are conducted to ensure ongoing compliance and continuous improvement. Our safety system is NECA and CM3 certified.

CM3 Certified

Cm3 is a web-based Work Health & Safety (WHS) system that businesses use to source, prequalify, and evaluate their contractors. With Cm3, we are able to show that we have the correct licenses and insurances for our work, and to showcase our health and safety capabilities to both current and potential clients.


Neca Certified Safety System

The NECA certified safety system provides up to date pre-written and executable plans including: 

  • Safety, Quality and environmental Policies

  • Safety Management Procedures manuals

  • Safe Working Procedures

  • SWMS


NECA HSEQ Management System Compliance

Having a compliant system means are able to demonstrate to prospective clients, both public and private, that we have in place an organised and documented process that contributes to the reduction of workplace injury, illness and environmental issues whilst meeting our legislative duty of care and due diligence requirements for workplace safety and environmental.

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ISO Certified

We are certified and compliant to ISO 45001: 2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System / Compliant to TQCSI QHSE Code: 2013

This system means we meet the independent and recognized compliance to safety, environment and quality.

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